Stellarvue Tripods

Our tripods are designed to be light, compact and stable.  Our Surveyor’s tripod is designed to provide stability on par with popular wooden tripods yet it weighs about half as much. This tripod with the M2 mount will hold our telescopes up to 115 mm in size. This tripod is significantly more solid than import aluminum tripods. Combined with our M2 mount head and heavy duty column, damping time is reduced to practically zero. This tripod and mount combination allows the user to glide around the sky effortlessly.

Our TSL4 standard wooden tripod is based on the TA and is made of solid maple hardwood. Made entirely in the USA in our shop, the mount is composed of hardwood maple, Appleply tray, cnc machined aluminum and stainless steel. This tripod is rated the same as the aluminum tripod and will hold Stellarvue telescopes up to 115 mm in size. It is not recommended for any larger telescopes.

Coming soon is our new, massive TSL9 pier tripod. This is the tripod we recommend for the M150 mount head. It will hold our SV130 and even our 160 using the M150 mount head or other large heads such as the Losmandy G11. This mount, shown to the right, will be available this MAY. We will publish more specifications including weight, damping time, size and capacity when these telescopes become available. They are being made now. Click on the image at right for a larger view.






Aluminum Tripod - Stable yet light in weight

Stellarvue heavy duty Surveyor's tripod with Appleply Tray. Just open the tripod legs, part way, extend the tray slots a little and pop it into place. Tripod has a 59 mm recess at top and a 5/8”-11 mounting bolt. Attaches directly to the M2 Mount when attached to the MEC2 column. Tripod is 36” - 58.5” in height when in use. Legs are 40” in length when retracted. For the best stability keep the tripod under 48” in height. Remember to add the height of the mount and column (the M2 mount and column adds 18” to total height). Tripod with tray weighs only 11.6 pounds but is extremely stable thanks to its over-sized top. It is much more stable than import aluminum tripods. Total weight of TA with M2 mount and column is about 19.2 pounds.
#TA - $249




Solid Maple Tripod

This adjustable maple hardwood tripod uses full sized maple hardwood and aluminum fittings. All parts are made in our shop using cnc machines. This tripod is entirely made in the USA and has a beautiful finish. The Appleply tray snaps into place easily. No loose parts to lose in the dark. The tray holds three 1.25” and three 2” accessories. The mounting bolt is a 5/8-11 which is the standard surveyor tripod style. Mount the MEC2 column to this bolt and the M2 mount attaches to that.  This tripod is being discontinued. Only a small quantity remain. Made in the USA.

#TSL4 - $499



Stellarvue TSL9 Pier Tripod

This is our most massive and stable tripod to date. We think this is the most stable wooden tripod on the market. Using over-sized Cherry hardwood, the large legs attach to an aluminum column. The M150 mount head or Losmandy heads will fit directly to the column. Other mounts can attach to the column with the proper adapters. The tripod is easy to set up, merely open and lock the legs, extend the legs as needed, attach the mount head and observe!

This pier tripod will premier at NEAF on April 12. It will be available for purchase on this website mid May. This tripod will hold our SV160 when using our M150 or the Losmandy G11. Made in the USA.

Weight: 40 lbs
Maximum Height: 48”
Minimum Height: 32”
Load Capacity: 250 lbs
Vibration Damping: Excellent

#TSL9 - $1495

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