Designed especially for smoother imaging, our new precise, dual speed rack and pinion focusers now come standard on all Stellarvue telescopes. Our 2.5” focusers are fully rotating with large rotation collars and thumb screw. Tension control thumb screw underneath holds tight and eliminates all side play.

For visual users, these focusers are ultra smooth and free of vignetting. For imagers, our dedicated field flatteners thread directly into each focuser, maintaining precise alignment.

Contact us to upgrade your older Stellarvue or other brand refractor using our newest and best focusers ever.  For more information call us at (530) 823 7796.






Backordered through April


SVF25 2.5” Dual Speed, Fully Rotating, Rack and Pinion Focuser

Featuring 80 mm of travel, this focuser is an ultra-precise dual speed unit that is threaded for our SFF7-25 and SFF25 photographic field flatteners. For visual use, our precision compression ring 2” and 1.25” adapters are included. Attaches to our telescopes with our standard M 88.5 X 1 thread so this focuser can be a direct replacement for many Stellarvue refractors including the Nighthawk Next Generation (standard and deluxe), SV90T, SV90TBV, SV102ED, and some SV105’s. It will also work on any of our former 102 telescopes but may require a separate adapter (check with us on your particular telescope).

#FSVF25 - $265

Backordered through April


SVF25 2.5” Dual Speed, Fully Rotating, Rack and Pinion Focuser
With adapter for early model Stellarvue Telescopes

On our former telescopes that have focusers that attach to the tube with three side screws. Simply remove the stock rack and pinion or Crayford forcuser by removing the three mounting screws that pass through the main tube. Insert this focuser with the adapter in its place. The NH adapter will work with early model Stellarvue telescopes including the AT1002, AT1010, Nighthawk Classic, Nighthawk 2, 80/9D, SV85S, SV85L. 

#FSVF25-NH - $299

Backordered through April


SVF25 2.5” Dual Speed, Fully Rotating, Rack and Pinion Focuser with
adapter that connects to Orion or Synta ED80 and others

Simply remove the stock Synta forcuser by removing the three screws that pass through the main tube. Insert this adapter in its place and the focuser above will thread directly into it. This adapter will work with the Synta or Orion 80ED or 120ED telescopes that use the standard Synta Crayford focuser.

#FSVF25-ED80 - $299

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