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TP14 150

Technical Drawing

Short Vixen-style Rail

Made in our cnc shop, this solid aluminum rail is made with 6061-T6 aluminum bar stock. It has numerous threaded holes for various uses. Attaches directly to any mount that uses the standard Vixen sized shoe or it may be attached to a heavy duty camera tripod. The Vixen style rail is used on most mounts including the Stellarvue M1, M2, and MG2 mounts, Vixen mounts, Celestron CG5, Orion mounts and many others. Our dual mounting rings and cnc clamshell will attach to this rail. Comes with two 1/4-20 and two 6 mm mounting screws and one 1/4-20 X 3/8” safety screw. 6” long, the perfect length for most of our telescopes. #TP14 - $39



Long Vixen-style Rail

A slightly longer (7 7/8" long), lightweight Vixen style rail. Made for dual rings spaced slightly wider apart than the rail above. Generally used with our longer telescopes (102 mm and larger), where a Vixen rail is needed. #TP10 - $39



Technical Drawing.

Losmandy Style Plate

Wide dovetail plate attaches directly to mounts using the wider Losmandy style plate (Losmandy, Celestron CGEM, CGE-PRO, etc).This plate is highly recommended for all our telescopes, especially  for those 115mm and larger. Plate has a center mounting slot and two sets of 1/4" holes 1.5" wide spaced 5" apart. This plate is recommended for our telescopes up to our SV130. 

#TP6 - $65



Technical Drawing

Long (19”) Losmandy Style Plate

For longer telescopes, like our SV160, use the long Losmandy style plate. This plate is 19” long and has center slots and sets of holes spaced at 1.5” apart.

#TP19 - $99



TD65 150

Technical Drawing

Deluxe Vixen style dovetail shoe

Made entirely in our cnc shop here, this is a 6.5” long, spring loaded, Vixen style shoe with two machined aluminum knobs. Holds the Vixen style rails above. Also has a center, threaded, 1/4”-20 holes for mounting on a standard camera tripod or for attachment to our TP6 Losmandy plate to make a mount rail converter.
#TD65 - $79



Technical Drawing

Deluxe Losmandy style dovetail shoe

Now made in our cnc shop here, this larger shoe holds the Losmandy style rails or plates above. This shoe attaches to a mount with either 6 mm or 14”-20 screws.
#TD7 - $99


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