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Stellarvue designs and handcrafts the finest apochromatic refractor telescopes for sale. Additionally, we provide programs and experiences to foster a greater appreciation of our natural world while encouraging individual exploration of the universe.

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Stellarvue is more than just a telescope company. While we are best known for our consistently high quality telescopes, we contribute to the astronomical community in other ways. We strive to promote scientific education through Stellartrips to locations around the world and to provide excellent educational programs for our telescope owners.

Stellarvue apochromatic telescopes are star tested by Vic Maris personally. Optical and mechanical parts are covered by a two year parts and labor warranty to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Should a customer damage a Stellarvue telescope after the warranty has expired, we will repair it for a nominal fee. We are committed to ensuring that all Stellarvue instruments operate correctly. We value our customers: they serve as our ambassadors. We want each and every one of our telescopes operating to spec so that the customer can be proud of their telescope and excited to show it off.

Stellarvue founder and Ace of Space Vic Maris began a lifelong pursuit of astronomy in the mid 1960's, after reading the Golden Book of Astronomy. "My father bought me a 60 mm refractor to encourage my interest in science, but that telescope almost ended my interest in astronomy." Vic fought the telescope for several nights, with its wobbly base and defective optics. After many attempts, the telescope was retired to his closet. "Far too many telescopes sit unused in closets because companies don't create them with the user in mind. If a telescope is not easy and enjoyable to use, it cannot do what it should; telescopes ought to foster a greater appreciation for the universe."

Vic, however, was lucky. Several people fostered his interest in astronomy from an early age. "The pursuit of astronomy has given me some inspirational experiences. I sincerely appreciate all of those people who helped me along my way.” Vic was also lucky to live in Southern California where some of the best telescope makers could be found and they where willing to mentor him.

After being introduced to telescope making at the age of 14, Vic polished his first 6” mirror in the mid 1960’s. Not being content with that he took on the challenge of making a 5” f-15 refractor at the age of 16. He was mentored by the best telescope makers in the late 1960’s. This began what was to become a lifetime of optical pursuit. With more than 5,000 telescope produced, the adventure continues.

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"I have enjoyed introducing thousands of people to astronomy for the past 45 years . Many of these people have purchased a poorly made department store telescope, the nightmare of any budding astronomer. It is unfortunate that most telescopes are poorly made. This is what inspired me to create Stellarvue. This is a small telescope company is dedicated to introducing people to the night sky and providing them high-quality, reasonably priced equipment. Our educational programs allow us to share the wonders of the universe with hundreds of like-minded people.  This has always been more a labor of love than a commercial endeavor.  Anyone who has been truly inspired by the majesty of the night sky knows exactly what I am talking about."

Vic Maris

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Stellarvue® designs and handcrafts the finest refractor telescopes for sale. Additionally, we provide programs and experiences to foster a greater appreciation of our natural world while encouraging individual exploration of the universe.

All specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. Designs and materials are often modified to improve them. All copy and photographs are copyright 2013 and may not be used without permission.

Stellarvue® trademarks and service marks, logos, product and service names are trademarks of Stellarvue (the "Stellarvue Marks"). Without Stellarvue's prior permission, these marks may not be displayed or used in any manner. Some products may be patent pending and we consider all of our designs proprietary. Stellarvue® will take necessary action against any dealer in the USA carrying imitations of our proprietary products. Dealers are warned to check with us first before purchasing similar products as there may be illicit copies of products we specifically designed. Such products may only be sold by authorized Stellarvue® dealers. Contact or call (530) 823-7796 for more information