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ET1 - Short 2" Extension Tube

Provides 1 3/8" of additional focus travel to  the rear. Uses compression ring.

#ET1 - $29



ET3 - Deluxe 2" Extension Tube

Provides an additional 2.26” of  back focus. The 2” receptacle is 1.6” deep so if the item you are inserting is longer than 1.6”, add the difference to 2.26” to determine the actual amount of extension. Made in the USA on our HAAS cnc machines, this all aluminum extension tube has a rubber grip and uses a brass compression ring. The 2” insert tube has a 2” filter thread and is beveled which  improves the snugness of the fit when the focuser lock screw is tightened. Works well with our FA2 1 1/4" adapter.

#ET3 - $49



ET475 - Long 2" Extension Tube

Same as ET3 above but provides a full 4.75" of  extension. For use only with our binoviewing telescopes in place of a  threaded extension for more convenience.

#ET475 - $49



FA - 1.25” ‘High Hat’ Adapter

A squared 1.25" eyepiece adapter  that fits 2" focusers. Provides additional focus distance from  primary when using 1 1/4" diagonals and eyepieces needing to focus  further out. Also  has camera t-thread for attaching cameras to the telescope.   Single set screw.

#FA - $19



FA2 - 1.25" Compression Ring Adapter

High precision cnc machined 1.25” adapter for 2" focusers or diagonals. Uses a compression ring to safely hold eyepieces and has the  insert safety groove on the outside. Knurled top and threaded for filters.

#FA2 - $29


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