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Binoculars on Sale


Get these quality binoculars at our lowest prices ever. Compare elsewhere for the same binoculars at higher prices. These binoculars offer sharp, crisp views and are either extremely light in weight or are ruggedly built for military service. The 10 X 50 is the perfect size for astronomical viewing. Hurry, as our stock is limited and sale prices apply only to existing stock on hand.









Heavy Duty 10X50 Military Spec binoculars.

These  are heavy duty, rugged binoculars that sell for more elsewhere. They are  waterproof, shock resistant and Nitrogen filled. Eyepieces provide excellent eye relief and an enormous 6.5 degree field of view. BAK-4  prisms with advanced full multi-coatings on all surfaces. The 5 mm exit  pupil is perfect for astronomical applications. Individual focus is best for getting pinpoint sharp stars for both eyes. Fabric carrying case with strap and binocular bracket included. 18.5mm eye relief, 1580 grams. These are the sharpest 50 mm binoculars we have ever carried.  #B1050MS

Available elsewhere for $279.95

Save $20


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