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Stellarvue customers often trade in their lightly used SV equipment when they upgrade to a larger Stellarvue telescope. We clean, align and test each one before we certify it. Certified pre-owned telescopes perform as good as new and we cover each one with our same as new 2 year parts and labor warranty.

Watch this page as many of our telescopes were made in very small batches. Many are quite unique and rare. all perform to our highest quality standards. The Stellarvue Certified Pre-owned program is yet another advantage of ownership, making it easy to upgrade and see the universe better and clearer as your interest in astronomy grows.






SV130EDT 150

Stellarvue SV130EDT

Like new. Sold new for $3495. Save $1000! Includes dual rings, 3” dual speed Crayford focuser with 2” and 1.25” compression ring adapters and hard case.

CPO-SV130EDT - $2495




Very lightly used SV110ED. 110 mm f-7 ED Comes with dual rings, 2” Crayford focuser, 1.25” compression ring adapter, machined extension and hard case. Remove the extension and this scope can be used for bino-viewing without any adapters. Binoviewer must be purchased separately. Sold new for $1095. Save $300. CPO price: only $795.

CPO-SV110ED-2 - $795




Lightly used SV105-2FT. This version comes with a 2” Feather Touch focuser with a custom large fine focus knob for precuise focusing. This is a great visual telescope. Comes with dual rings, 1.25” adapter and C9S case. case has a tear inside but is otherwise fine. Sold new for $2395. Save $600!

#CPO-SV105-2FT - $1799


102AF11 25 150

Stellarvue 102mm f-11 achromat

This 4” achromat was hardly used. Comes with dual rings and a 2” single speed Crayford focuser.

#CPO-SV102f-11 - $349



Stellarvue 80/9D

80mm f-9.4 achromat wioth single speed 2” Crayford focuser, 1.25” compression ring adapter and dual rings.

#CPO-809D - $249

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