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Special thanks this year to the many volunteers of the Rockland Astronomy Club for carrying on the tradition of the Northeast Astronomy Forum, the largest and most successful astronomy show in the universe. The entire crew of Stellarvue wish to thank each and every one of you for all of the assistance you gave us this year. Your customer service is simply outstanding. We look forward to working with you again next year! 



Astronomy Foundation Annual Meeting

Pictured above: Karen Jennings, David Eicher (Editor in Chief - Astronomy Magazine), Ben Palmer and Scott Kardel (IDA).

Karen, David and Vic held a committee meeting Thursday and during the annual meeting on Friday Karen and Scott were voted on the Board. Karen was elected to Vice President and David President. Ben is the Youth Committee Chair for the Foundation. 


The Rockland Astronomy Club’s outreach efforts brought many new people to NEAF this year including lots of young people. Our booth was as busy as usual. Here Vic takes a brief break between customers. It is common for him to be talking with several people at once throughout the day on Saturday. Sunday was also quite busy this year. We took a record amount of orders for our new products this year including the new 100Q!

Vic and Ben 2

scope winner 3

Ben Palmer and Vic. Ben does a great job of promoting astronomy and science to younger people. This is so important right now. The seeds he is planting will bear fruit. We all remember the people who inspired us when we were young and made a difference in our lives.

This young man came with his family specifically to locate his first telescope. He was very interested in getting a Stellarvue. As luck would have it, he was the grand prize winner at our raffle, winning a Stellarvue Nighthawk!



The Infamous A+ Team! From left to right: Dr. Mark Spano, Ellyne Kinney Spano (crashes things into asteroids), Jon Talbot, Preston Smith, and Bill Schlein. In front Jan and Vic Maris, lucky to have such great friends behind us.

NEAF was as busy this year as it has ever been. We were constantly talking with folks about our products both days. Only on Sunday afternoon did it begin to quiet down. Vendors remained set up and sharing information until the show closed.

Preston Smith

Jon Talbot

Preston Smith is our logistics manager. He has the ability to fit an A-10 into a bread box. He also really helps us set up our displays and knows his stuff when it comes to Stellarvue. Here we see him during a momentary lull contemplating retirement.

Jon Talbot evaluated the SVQ100 just prior to NEAF. He displayed the test results on his laptop during the show. Prior to NEAF he was a presenter at the imaging conference. Jon was on hand to answer technical questions concerning the performance of our new SVQ100.

Galileo BellermineandPope

Galileo other Italian

Galileo FABULOUS 45

Craig (OPT) appeared as Pope Urban but also this year were two Cardinals. Cardinal Bellermine was there to read the entire inquisition speech to Galileo. It un-nerved him enough to accuse another Italian of being the real Galileo.

This year Galileo returned. But his costume was a little more exaggerated. Some would say “foppish.” Some would say other things. Kids and adults (those with a sense of humor) loved the show.

galileo gives little girl a scope 2

Little girl with scope2

As they were rushing around the show, Galileo spotted a budding astronomer who was a little shy. He asked if she wanted a telescope and she nodded yes. So he quickly gave her the telescope he was carrying and she beamed.

Off she ran to show Grandpa her new telescope. Such a great ending to another Craig and Vic NEAF adventure. It should be pointed out that Craig Weatherwax of Oceanside Photo and Telescopes thinks up these wacky presentations each year. This is just another example of his creative genius.

*Special thanks this year to Mark Thompson of OPT who does a “legitimate” Galileo living history presentation. He actually did read the inquisition speech at the show and Galileo was really worried. Also special thanks to Tanya of OPT for playing the other Cardinal. Great job everyone!


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