Star diagonals are a critical component of any refractor.  The performance of an otherwise excellent telescope can be seriously compromised using a diagonal that is misaligned or pinched. We researched diagonal design and fabrication for two years before introducing our first 2” dielectric diagonal. This diagonal is assembled here using aluminum parts that are precision cnc machined. Each D1029ED uses five cushion points to eliminate pinching and an over-sized, highly accurate mirror.

Each diagonal and erecting prism we sell is tested for alignment and will preserve the exceptional quality of your Stellarvue telescope.

New Mill making D1029ED 224

D1029ED body 224

CNC machining D1029ED parts

D1029ED internal design






Stellarvue Enhanced 2” Dielectric Diagonal
This is our most popular diagonal. It was designed by Vic Maris and uses a thick, oversized mirror polished to 1/10th wave. The mirror has a protective, dielectric coating with 99% reflectivity. It has a compression ring eyepiece tube and the insert tube has a bevel that will better seat the diagonal in the focuser. The FA2 deluxe 1.25" compression ring adapter is included. Both the two inch insert tube and adapter have filter threads. A rubber grip on the 2" tube allows for easy handling in cold climates. These diagonals are assembled, adjusted and double tested at Stellarvue for perfect alignment and performance. The five point cushion system eliminates pinching in all climates and the prcision cnc machined components assure perfect alignment that stays that way.
#D1029ED $189



Stellarvue 1.25” Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal 
Comes with a thick, precision, optical flat mirror with an  enhanced 99% reflective dielectric coating. Compression ring holds eyepieces firmly and the insert tube has the safety groove and filter thread.  All aluminum construction. Individually tested here for perfect alignment and freedom from astigmatism.

#D1030ED - $99



1.25” 45 degree Erecting Prism
High quality  unit uses compression ring and has a tapered insert tube for better alignment. Provides images that  are right side up and correctly oriented. Aperture is about 25mm. fully multi-coated.

#D1032 - $69



1.25” 90 degree correct image, erecting prism with helical focuser

This correct image, 90 degree erecting prims has a helical focuser with about 3/4” of travel for fine focusing.  Simple thumb screw lock. Aperture is about 20.9 mm. Fully multi-coated.

#D1026AF - $79



2” Correct Image 45 degree Erecting Prism

Our new  2" fully multi-coated 45 degree correct image erecting prism will turn your Stellarvue telescope into the  ultimate terrestrial scope. Comes with 1.25" compression ring adapter.  Use this prism with a large 2" wide field eyepiece for porthole visual views of distant objects, birds, etc. You can get an excellent  performance using this 45 degree erecting prism and your Stellarvue Apo refractor.
#D1035 - $209

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