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Stellarvue supports educational programs.

  • All accredited schools receive a 5% discount on any product we sell off this site. Our dealers may have similar programs.
  • Schools in need of astronomy equipment should contact us for information. If your school is in need of telescopes, but has limited funding, download our donation form and fax it to us at (530) 823-8121. Each year Stellarvue donates several 80 mm achromatic telescopes and telescope kits to schools in need.

Stellarvue® designs and handcrafts the finest refractor telescopes and provides programs and experiences to foster a greater appreciation of our natural world and to encourage individual exploration of the universe.

All specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. Designs and materials are often modified to improve them. All copy and photographs are copyright 2013 and may not be used without permission.

Stellarvue trademarks and service marks, logos, product and service names are trademarks of Stellarvue (the "Stellarvue Marks"). Without Stellarvue's prior permission, these marks may not be displayed or used in any manner. Some products may be patent pending and we consider all of our designs proprietary. Stellarvue will take necessary action against any dealer in the USA carrying imitations of our proprietary products. Dealers are warned to check with us first before purchasing similar products as there may be illicit copies of products we specifically designed. Such products may only be sold by authorized Stellarvue dealers. Contact or call (530) 823-7796 for more information