M2ver2300NEW 2014 VERSION

We did it again. We have improved our already smooth and stable M2 mount to have a higher capacity, improved smoothness and greater stability. The M2 mounts directly to large camera tripods with a standard 3/8”-16 threaded hole or it mounts to a number of tripods using our rock solid MEC column.  Mount the column to our tripods and the M2 mount drops into the column. Secure the mount head to the column with three set screws and you have an impressive, heavy duty, ultra smooth alt azimuth mount.

This American mount is made of stainless steel and aluminum. It is machined and assembled here in our cnc metal shop so it is extremely precise. The smoothness makes slow motion controls unnecessary.  Simply set the knobs for minimum drag and glide around the night sky. The M2 is a pleasure to use.



M002 Alt Azimuth Mount with Vixen Shoe

This is our new medium duty alt azimuth mount. Mount head will attach to any heavy duty camera tripod (Bogen, Manfrotto) using a 3/8-16 bolt and having an elevator extension. In order to use the M-2 mount with our  tripods, the MEC2 column below is required. The M-2 uses smooth 3” oversized bearings on each axis. The tension  is adjusted on both axis with over-sized knurled knobs. Once the tension is set, it is easy to glide from object to object without the need for slow motion controls. The mount will hold our  80 mm - 115 mm telescopes and other scopes up to 26 pounds. Mount head weighs 4 pounds. Comes standard with our TD65 Vixen sized dovetail shoe. Our smoothest medium duty mount yet!
#M002 - $279


M2D head150

M002D Mount with Large Losmandy Shoe

Same as M2 above but this one uses the TD7 Losmandy sized dovetail shoe in place of the TD65 Vixen shoe. If your telescope mounts to your EQ mount with a Losmandy sized plate, this version of the M-75 mount allows for a rapid quick change.
#M002D - $299

M2D encoders JMI 250Now you can obtain encoders custom made for the newest version of the M2 mount. JMI has developed an easy to install package for separate purchase. Turn your M2 mount into a computerized M2. Order from JMI directly or call: (303) 233-5353.

ENCSVM2 = $379 Encoders and hardware only
MICSVM2 = $469 MicroMAX Complete Installation
NGCSVM2 = $729 NGC-MAX Complete Installation
SUPSVM2 = $899 SuperMAX (Argo Navis) Complete Installation



Heavy Duty MEC2 Column

To use the M-75 mount with a standard or surveyor’s tripod, our heavy duty MEC2 column is required. Like the M-75, this column is made in the USA of 6061-t6 aluminum. The M-75 mount head bolts to the top of the column with three side screws. This eliminates rotation between the mount and column.

Add the extension column only to the mount head purchase. Mounts to surveyor tripods using a 5/8-11 bolt. All our tripods use this larger 5/8” bolt so you can tighten the column securely to our tripods. If you tripod uses a different sized mounting bolt, contact us. We can make an adapter to fit your tripod.

Note: This column is made for the M-75 or former M2 mount heads. The head attaches to three holes at the top of the column. So the column will not work with our former M1 mount.

#MEC2 - $79



Heavy Duty MEC10 Column

Same as MEC2 above but this one has a 10 mm threaded hole. For use with Vixen and Celestron CG5 type tripods

MEC10 - $79


Heavy Duty MEC12 Column

Same as MEC2 above but this one has a 12 mm threaded hole. For use with Celestron CGEM/CGE type tripods

MEC10 - $79



Mount Handle

Round aluminum mount handle with cushioned grip. This straight handle mounts directly to either the TD2 or TD7 spring loaded dovetail. Navigate around the sky without grabbing the telescope. Attaches with a single 1/4-20 stainless screw which is included.
MH2 - $ 24



Aluminum Tripod

Stellarvue heavy duty Surveyor's tripod with adjustable Appleply tray. Tray inserts directly into machined bases - no tools required. Hand knobs adjust leg spreader. Tray has numerous holes for 1.25” and 2” eyepieces, diagonals, barlows, etc.
#TA - $249


TT 150

Travel Tripod

Stellarvue heavy duty Travel Tripod may be carried on a plane. It is made of three sections of stainless tubing and is only 20” long when in travel mode. This tripod has a 59 mm recess at top and a 5/8-11 mounting bolt. Attaches directly to the M2 Mount when it is attached to the MEC2 column. Tripod is 20” - 36” in height when in use. With the M2 mount and column, the telescope height is 4 1/2 feet above the ground. Tripod weighs about 11 pounds. Tripod with column and M2 mount weighs about 15 pounds.


#TT - $249

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