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SV102T Apo Triplet


The SV105T is an apo triplet optimized for imaging with its SFF3 field flattener.  For visual use we developed the SV102T and SVR102T Raptor. The 102T comes with the highest Strehl 4” optics we have ever offered, backed by an interferometric test report. We intended to keep the 105 in our current line up as an imaging scope until we determined that the 102T performs equally well for astro imaging with the 105’s dedicated SFF3 field flattener. So now we are developing two reducer flatteners specifically made for the 102T which expands its capability in imaging. So we have decided to at least temporarily discontinue the 105 as the 102T is a stunning super planetary visual refractor that is the 105’s equal when it comes to imaging. For orders placed now, delivery for both the carbon fiber and aluminum versions of this telescope should be in about 30 days.

SV105--25SV 25 LL 400

SVR102T Sky and Telescope magazine review

SV102T Web Page









Standard Model: The SV102T-25SV is the standard version of this new telescope. The fully baffled, lightweight aluminum tube and dewshield cools down rapidly. The lens is mounted to an adjustable tip tilt flange to ensure perfect alignment. The focuser un-threads resulting in a tube assembly that is only 20.25” long, well within airline carry-on size limits. Now you can easily take a world class apo refractor on the plane with you! The certified 101.5 mm clear aperture optic is essentially perfect and comes with our interferometric test report showing it is .95 Strehl or higher. This is as good as it gets which means you will see or image everything the atmosphere will allow! Like all Stellarvue telescopes, this instrument is triple tested including a star test by Vic Maris. With the excellent Sky and Telescope review that was just published, we expect these to go fast. So order now for faster delivery.

SVR102T-25SV  Intro Price: $2395, C9S case included



3” Feather Touch Upgrade: This one is identical to the models C9Sabove and includes all the same features. But it comes with a larger 3.0” Feather Touch focuser.

SVR102T-3FT  Intro Price: $2895, C9S case included




Add our best 2" Dielectric Diagonal  and save $50

  • Oversized  1/10th wave mirror
  • Compression  ring 
  • 99%  dielectric coating
  • 5  point cushion system eliminates pinching
  • Factory aligned and star-tested to ensure excellent performance

#D1029ED Regular price: $189.  Buy with telescope above and add only $139




UM2A - M2 mount, column and tripod with tray for telescope above

Buy this mount/tripod system with the  telescope above and save $100. This mount/tripod system will hold  Stellarvue telescopes up to 115 mm. This is an easy to use large version  of our M1 mount. Large knobs allow for tension adjustment. Once the  tension is set, the user merely glides around the sky with a smooth and  stable mount that literally "disappears" in use. This system mounts the telescope closer to the center of the tripod providing better stability  and less damping time than single arm fork mounts. This system includes: The smooth and stable M2 alt  azimuth mount head The heavy duty MEC2 extension  column Heavy duty  adjustable surveyor's tripod with Appleply accessory tray

Regular price: $577.  Buy with telescope above and add only $477



Celestron VX EQ Computerized EQ mount.

The new Advanced VX mount was specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance for smaller telescopes. Now your smaller telescope (SV115 and smaller) can take advantage of all the features of our larger telescope mounts. You’ll be able to track through long exposures using permanently programmable periodic error correction. Image across the meridian without doing a meridian flip, so you can seamlessly image the best part of night sky. Advanced VX features a significantly larger base than our previous CG5 design, improving stability under heavy loads. Improved motors offer more torque and can handle slight load imbalances with ease.

Experienced imagers will love taking this portable mount to a dark sky site, with all the performance of their larger observatory mount. Or, if you’re new to imaging, this mount will help you get started with the hobby and keep up with your needs for years to come.

Retail: 1277.95 Our price: $799


SFF7-3 150

Stellarvue field flattener for  astrophotography

This system is made for most astro cameras and will flatten the field photographically to increase the in-focus image circle. Threads into the 2.5” focuser.

#SFF7-25 - $295


SFF7-3 150

Dedicated APS sized f-7 field flattener for use with the 3” dual speed, Feather Touch focuser. This is the flattener for imaging with APS sized and smaller chips when used with the new SVR102T-3FT. Threads to the rear of the 3” Feather Touch focuser only and a DSLR screws to the rear of the flattener.
#SFF7-3FT - $319


SFF30 150

Stellarvue field flattener for  astrophotography - Large chip cameras - SV focuser

This is the same as the flattener above but it is designed for large chip cameras. It uses a larger corrector lens. This one threads directly into the 2.5” dual speed focuser. It will work as is with a DSLR camera shorter ccd cameras with the addition of extension tubes. Call if you have any questions.

#SFF3-25 - $329


SFF30 150

Stellarvue field flattener for astrophotography - Large chip cameras - Feather Touch Focuser

This is the same as the flattener above but it is designed for large chip cameras. It uses a larger corrector lens. This one threads directly into the Feather Touch 3” dual speed focuser. It will work as is with a DSLR camera but will require extension tubes when used with any ccd camera. Available soon.

#SFF3-FT - $329



Ultimate Travel Case for 102T

Travel with your 102T using the C18 case. Simply unthread the focuser and insert the tube plug (included with the telescope). The tube assembly and focuser fit in different sections of the case. There is also room for your diagonal, eyepieces and maybe a camera. Case measures 24” X 14” X 8.5”. The 102T fit snugly in this case.

#C18 - $159


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