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SV50APO 25 400


We made a limited run of these telescopes back in 2011. This was a miniature version of our much larger refractors. This telescope was a fully featured apochromatic refractor that nearly fit in a pocket! We started with an ultra-high contrast, ED apo doublet objective and mounted it in our Instrument White aluminum tube. We miniaturized our venerable 2.5” rack and pinion focuser, retaining the smooth rack and pinion, dual speed mechanism and full 360 degree rotator. This 1.25” focuser is “just too cute” but it is fully functional, precision made and threaded. A 1.25” visual back was included permitting the use of 1.25” visual accessories (eyepieces with either a 1.25” erecting prism or star diagonal. The telescope came complete with a mini clamshell, Vixen mini rail, and an airline carry-on case.

The entire limited run of these telescopes were sold within two years. Watch for new, limited run Stellarvue telescopes appearing on this website in the future.

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