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Stellarvue Wait List


Stellarvue telescopes are made by hand, one at a time. We never let a telescope leave here that we would not personally want to own and use. This takes a great deal of care in the manufacturing process and careful attention to detail. Since our products are made this way, they are highly coveted; as a result, some of our telescopes are wait listed.


Wait listed telescopes are manufactured specifically for the customer; there is a significant investment from us for every telescope we begin. In order to get on the wait list, customers may place an order, then pay a deposit; be certain you want the telescope before you order. Deposits are less than the actual cost of the lens, but are there to ensure your place in the waitlist. Since deposits go towards making the lenses, we cannot refund deposits: this money has already been spent.

Quality is our number one priority. We make our "best guess" estimate to approximate delivery dates. Since we will not compromise quality, and since each item is made individually, waiting periods may be shorter or longer than we estimate. Customers are advised that time is not of the essence; estimates are only that, quality is paramount in this process. On average, we meet estimated delivery dates. However, component delays or glass melding issues (which are time consuming to resolve), are generally out of our control. For these reasons, you should not get on a wait list if you are in a hurry or can’t wait longer than the original time estimate.

The bottom line is the quality. Once your telescope arrives, you will spend countless hours under the sky trying to see or image faint and subtle features that are not visible in mass-produced telescopes. A little waiting period up front will be rewarded by a lack of frustration and compromise for many years and decades to come. 


Stellarvue® designs and handcrafts the finest refractor telescopes and provides programs and experiences to foster a greater appreciation of our natural world and to encourage individual exploration of the universe.

All specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. Designs and materials are often modified to improve them. All copy and photographs are copyright 2013 and may not be used without permission.

Stellarvue trademarks and service marks, logos, product and service names are trademarks of Stellarvue (the "Stellarvue Marks"). Without Stellarvue's prior permission, these marks may not be displayed or used in any manner. Some products may be patent pending and we consider all of our designs proprietary. Stellarvue will take necessary action against any dealer in the USA carrying imitations of our proprietary products. Dealers are warned to check with us first before purchasing similar products as there may be illicit copies of products we specifically designed. Such products may only be sold by authorized Stellarvue dealers. Contact or call (530) 823-7796 for more information